Drone Accident Insurance

Everyone knows that accidents happen.  At DRONEGUARD we are able to provide you with insurance for any accident you may have whilst flying your drone.  You can get your UAV protected and have the peace of mind that if there was an accident you will be fully covered.

Get insured for a wide variety of drone accidents whether your drone crashes into some trees, a building or falls out the sky and plummets to the ground.

How do I get cover for drone accidents?

Within the hull insurance section of our policy you will be fully covered for any accident you may have whilst flying your drone.  You will even be covered for any accidents to your drone whilst in transit also.

It is easy to buy an insurance policy from us.  Simply get a quote online and you can buy it there and then with instant confirmation you are on cover.

What are some example drone accidents you can insure for?

Pilot error

An operator can easily make a misjudgement which leads to a crash.  Our insurance policy will cover you for a multitude of accidents caused by a slight misjudgement with the control.

Water damage

Water or liquids can get anywhere and quickly. We will cover you against any accidental spills damaging your drone or if you are caught out due to adverse weather conditions or your drone lands in water and sinks to the bottom.

Accidental drops

Accidents can also happen when you are not flying. You could potentially drop and smash your drone up when transporting it and moving it from one place to another, get fully covered for all eventualities.


Whether you have a drone accident and crash into a building, a bridge, a tree or the ground we will have you covered every step of the way.

Bird attacks

We have all seen the videos of when birds attack drones. Whether it’s a lone bird of prey or a flock of birds they all could down your drone making it fall through the sky ending in smashing the ground. We will insure you against these risks.

Do you cover anything else?

As well as drone crashes and accidents we also cover for any accidents that happen to persons not involved in your operations.  This is covered under the public liability section of your policy.

Public liability will cover you for any accidental bodily injury you cause flying your drone, it will also cover you for any damages to third party property you cause from any drone accidents you have.

Making a claim on your insurance if you’ve had a drone accident

Had an accident? It is easy to make a claim with DRONEGUARD. All you need to do is visit the claims page and follow the instructions. We are happy to take you through the steps and offer different options for you to submit a claim making your claims journey easier.

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