Insurance Policy for Commercial Drone Operators

At DRONE GUARD, we know the importance of making sure you are completely covered for any event that could occur when piloting your commercial small unmanned aircraft (SUA).  Our insurance policy is customised for certified and accredited commercial drone pilots and is flexible enough to allow you to choose the ideal insurance policy for accidental drone crashes based on the needs of your business and the associated risk of flying.

Our commercial drone insurance policies cover a large range of drones and provide quotes based on the weight, value and use of the drone.  Our pricing is competitive and fair, so we are certain you won’t find a better deal elsewhere.  Get a quote from us online or call 01 556 3644 to get a quotation for commercial drone insurance.

As drone usage continues to rise, business operators must ensure they have sufficient coverage in case the worst should happen and a commercial drone crash occurs or there is damage to any property of a third-party.

Comprehensive insurance for commercial drone pilots

DRONE GUARD provides protection for any commercial liabilities your business may become liable to pay.  We are able to create specialised policies for your business needs.  DRONE GUARD offer an industry-leading policy for commercial drone operators so you have peace of mind whilst doing a commercial mission and can get on with your job.

All registered pilots who are commercially qualified could also be added to the policy.  Unexpected damage in transit, legal costs from third-party claimants, protection for all equipment used in the operation of your drones including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras can all be covered.  The protection of you, your business equipment and your client’s property is the priority at DRONE GUARD.  We offer a complete insurance package that is in line with your business needs.  Our policy is your contingency plan in case of an accident or crash; where others are physically hurt we come to the rescue.

Types of drone insurance

We are able to provide you with the cover you need, so create a custom policy suited to your commercial business operations. Choose from the following options

Liability only

Commercial drones whether for aerial photography, mapping, farming, construction or any other use could potentially be a public liability risk.  At DRONE GUARD, our products mitigate against the risk of damage to property belonging to others or injury to people.  Your business suffers no financial strain with our coverage other than the excess.  So if you are planning to operate a drone on a commercial basis call us now to discuss the legal requirements needed to operate a drone commercially and to get cover.

Our coverage includes

  • Legal fees incurred through damage of property, physical injury to someone or third party claims.
  • The cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property of a third party.

If you’re starting a new business and will be using a drone for commercial purposes you will need to be a Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) licenced pilot and will require insurance.  If you operate a drone for commercial purposes and are not authorised by the IAA you will be breaking the law and could be subject to a fine.  With a DRONE GUARD insurance policy, you receive a comprehensive plan created just for you to cover you and your drone business.

We can also cover drones for

  • Drone theft
  • Loss of drone mid-air or in transit
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage that occurs when an accredited third party is operating the drone and such pilot must be listed as an authorised operator
  • Accidental injury to another person caused by your drone operation
  • All legal expenses for liability claims

Flexible insurance covers for every business

DRONE GUARD provides additional drone insurance for commercial operations to help you get the most comprehensive policy and offer complete peace of mind.  You can add any of the following to your existing plan for better coverage:

Cost of trespassing: The trespasser cover protects you in the event of damage to any crops or property when collecting your drone.

Worldwide Cover: If your business takes you around the globe our worldwide cover protects you.  Each country will have different terms and conditions due to variances in local law.  Please contact us to find out more about our insurance cover for international commercial drone use and which countries are excluded.

Why choose DRONE GUARD to insure your commercial drones?

We offer a fail-safe way to protect your business by covering you in all cases of damages and costs incurred in the course of your drone-related commercial activities.

DRONE GUARD guarantees that:

  • There is no restriction to the amount of flying hours
  • Compliant with EU Regulations (EC) 785/2004
  • Liability for war and terrorism
  • Drone cover in transit and flight
  • Bespoke flight test assessment cover

Call us now to cover for all commercial drone activities from agriculture, CCTV monitoring, construction, inspection, photography, sports, surveying and video coverage.  We are always here to help and provide a free guide to lead you through the process of selecting suitable cover.


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