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At DRONE GUARD, we don’t only provide comprehensive insurance policies for commercial drones.  We also offer a diverse range of insurance policies for drone spares and equipment.  Drone equipment covered by our policies includes any equipment that can be used with a wide variety of drones including fixed-wing drones, rotary-wing drones, multi-rotor drones, co-axial drones, and hybrid drones.  The most common drone equipment we provide cover for are accessories that have been specially crafted for drone use including equipment for mapping, scanning, filming, x-ray, infrared, and software.  We also offer insurance for tablets that are used in conjunction with drones.

Other equipment which can be insured include control stations, data links, telemetry, communications and navigation equipment.

As your drone insurers, we at DRONE GUARD understand how valuable your drones are to your business. This is why we provide you with the option of tailoring your equipment insurance policy to suit the needs of your business.  The policy we provide will cover your equipment against loss, theft, fire, and more.

If a piece of drone equipment is vital to the effective performance and delivery of your services, you should protect your investment by having it comprehensively covered.  Contact us at DRONE GUARD to receive the perfect cover for your drone equipment by calling us today on 01 556 3644.  You can also make use of our fast and effective online service to get an accurate quote on comprehensive drone insurance.

How we keep your drones operational

At DRONE GUARD, we fully appreciate the importance of comprehensive insurance in helping you keep your business performing optimally while you enjoy peace of mind.  By taking care of your business needs, we let you concentrate on what’s really important – your business.

We understand how unique the commercial drone business is and as such we apply a flexible approach in dealing with all our clients.  This enables us to provide you with a variety of insurance options to pick from or the opportunity to customise any drone equipment insurance policy to suit your needs.  Our drone equipment insurance policies are available at some of the most competitive prices you can find around.

Our drone equipment cover policies are crafted to secure a wide variety of equipment needed for various commercial drone applications.  Whether your drone’s equipment is for specialised projects like SUA aerial photography, farming, surveying, or anything else, DRONE GUARD has got you covered.

What we protect your drone equipment against

As your drone insurers, our insurance policies at DRONE GUARD keep your drone equipment covered in a wide variety of circumstances.
These circumstances include:-

Use in hazardous premises

Your business operations might require you to fly your drone over a hazardous location such as bridges or water.  Such commercial activities place your drone and its attached equipment at greater risk but we at DRONE GUARD can provide all the cover you need in such scenarios.

While in storage

Even when you are not using your drone or its equipment it could be damaged by fire, water or even stolen.  Our policy will protect you against these risks providing you with full cover if stored securely.

In transit and in flight

Our comprehensive insurance also covers your business while you are transporting your drone equipment to the site where you’d like to use it to work, or when your drone is in flight and in operation.

Accidental damage

You can also have an insurance policy provided by us at DRONE GUARD that’s tailored to cover your drone equipment against a wide variety of accidents that might cause damage to the equipment.

We also protect your drone against theft and much more.

For more details concerning the eventualities we can protect your drones and their attached equipment from, contact us today on 01 556 3644.

Why choose us

DRONE GUARD is here to deliver absolute peace of mind concerning the protection of your drone and equipment.  With our worldwide cover, we can easily keep you protected against various liabilities and much more, anywhere in the world (excluding some territories) when you are commercially operating your drone.  We can also provide cover for high-risk operating environments such as over water.

Our drone equipment insurance covers not just the use of your drone equipment, but also its storage and transportation.  All our services are offered at competitive prices to ensure you get the best possible deal on drone equipment insurance.


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