Drone Insurance in Europe for EIRE policyholders

We are able to provide cover for our clients if they are working in Europe.  If you have managed to win a contract working abroad and need help in securing the right insurance please contact us and have a chat.

Does your drone insurance cover people flying in Europe?

All of our policies include Ireland as standard and can be extended with our worldwide policy extension.  With this you will be fully covered in Europe and some additional countries.

What are the drone laws in Europe?

This is going to be specific to each country.  Although we will insure your drone in Europe for any hull damage and public liability you must make sure you have permission from the local Aviation Authority to fly commercially and keep within all the laws for flying in that specific country.

Why does your drone insurance not cover Europe as standard?

We believe in giving the customer the full say with their insurance and letting them tailor the policy to their needs.  If some of our customers do not do any work abroad they will not extend their cover, however if they work in any European country they can extend the policy to suit.

Is European drone insurance a legal requirement?

Flying in Europe means that you will be flying under each specific countries law.  However if you fly an unmanned aerial vehicle commercially, under the EU regulation (EC) 785/2004 you will be required to meet some specific insurance requirements.

What’s EU regulation (EC)785/2004?

If you are flying commercially in Europe you will need to fly compliantly and meet the requirements of (EC) 785/2004.  This is the European regulatory law on the insurance requirements for all commercial aircraft including unmanned aerial vehicles.

Within this it stipulates that all commercial drone pilots need to provide a minimum level of insurance for third party bodily injury claims.  All of our policies comply with this law so you can be safe you have the right drone insurance when flying in Europe.

Who can buy a policy from us:

Residents in the Republic of Ireland

Or visit our dedicated websites for the following countries

United Kingdom