Hull Insurance For Drones

Your drone is the one piece of equipment you need to do your job.  Get covered to include damage to your drone including theft, accidental loss, flyaways and in transit.

We understand the importance of getting the right insurance in place so your business can get back on its feet as quickly as possible.  That’s why our drone damage insurance is perfectly suited to those operators wanting a perfect drone insurance package so they can get on with their business without having to worry.

Our specialist drone insurance policy can provide cover for those mishaps, accidents and pilot errors that are unforeseen.

The drone hull insurance option is a great addition to our liability cover.  If theft, loss & damage is selected on your policy you will have full coverage in place for any drones you own.

Should I get drone damage insurance?

Unlike public liability, drone damage isn’t a compulsory cover but is highly recommended to have it included in your policy.  You never know when a crash is going to happen! And if it did would you be able to foot the bill for the replacement cost of a new drone?

As well as crash damage cover the policy also includes cover when your drone is in transit, if it is stolen, data reinstatement and alternative drone hire.

We can cover just one drone for hull damage or if you have a fleet of drones we will happily insure these as well, we try to be as flexible as possible and help you in every way.

What is covered?

Accidental Damage

We will cover you if you accidentally damage your drone in transit or in flight


Full cover for theft from unattended locked vehicles and in storage. For a claim to be valid there needs to be signs of violent or forcible entry.

In transit

You will be covered for any loss or damage whilst in transit
Additionally included within the drone hull insurance section are two beneficial covers.

Reconstitution of data and reasonable costs for drone hire

If drone damage is included within the policy you will automatically get cover for reconstitution of data and reasonable costs for drone hire. So whilst your drone is being repaired you can hire a drone to recover data that was lost during a flight.

As well as providing extensive cover for drone damages you will also have the option to extend the cover to worldwide territories.


Claim examples

  • A propeller comes off during a flight and the drone falls out the sky and needs the hull repaired – Cost of repairs €700
  • There is a miscommunication with your controller or ground station and your drone flies away and is not found – Cost of replacement €3500
  • Someone breaks into your car and steals your drone – Cost of replacement €2000

Our drone hull insurance is an excellent addition to our public liability insurance, plus if you purchase both together there are some great premium discounts to be had.

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