Specialist drone insurance for many industries

We are able to insure a variety of different industries who are benefiting from the use of drones.  Currently this trade list is getting larger and larger as the use of unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming more prominent.

This is expected to grow into other industries as well so if you can't see yours below don't worry, we should still be able to cover you.

Agriculture drone insurance

The use of UAVs in agriculture is expanding and we are able to provide insurance solutions in this rapidly developing area.  From crop spraying, monitoring, field analysis and seed planting.

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Construction drone insurance

One of the largest growing sectors who are benefiting from the use of UAVs.  With the explosion of mapping software the construction industry is starting to use drones to help with projects.

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Disaster relief drone insurance

The use of drones to be able to collect data and help after dangerous situations is increasing dramatically.  This trend is increasing after natural disasters such as flooding.

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Estate agents drone insurance

Estate agents are seeking the use of drones to help market properties giving a different angle to potential buyers.

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Film & media drone insurance

It is now coming more commonplace for the film and media industries to use a UAV to capture aerial shots usually given the cost of hiring a helicopter to do the same job.

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Photography drone insurance

Photographers are now adding aerial shots to their portfolio.  Drones now give a different look and feel to images like never before.  Whether at a wedding or a sports event, you can capture fantastic images.

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Surveying drone insurance

Another industry reaping the rewards of the boom of mapping and measuring software.  It is now so easy to use these services and a drone to create great 3d and 2d very accurately.

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Search & Rescue

Emergency services and voluntary groups are now staring to use drones to help on search and rescue missions.  Looking for missing persons is being made easier looking from the sky.

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Can't see your specific industry on this page?

We can insure a wide variety of industries and this page will keep on growing.

If you don't see your trade here give us a call on +353 (0)1 556 3644 and we will confirm whether we can insure you or not.

It is very likely we will be able to cater for your needs and provide you with a quote.