Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicle (RPAV) Insurance

Insure your remotely piloted aerial vehicle with DRONE GUARD, a leading insurer for RPAVs!

The DRONE GUARD RPAV insurance policy has specifically been written to cater for operators of remotely piloted vehicles.  We can cover you from any mistakes which may happen during a mission and protect you from any claims which may arise from the use of your RPAV.

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Should I get remotely piloted aerial vehicle insurance?

For any commercial flights public liability is a mandatory requirement when using remotely piloted aerial vehicles.  All our liability policies for commercial pilots include war risks and allied perils therefore making our policy fully compliant with EU regulation (EC) 785/2004.

Other risks you may want to mitigate include loss or damage to your remotely piloted aerial vehicle, this could include any crashes in flight or damage whilst in transit.

Are remotely piloted aerial vehicles the same as a drone?

There's a plethora of terminologies used to describe remotely piloted aerial vehicles.  For insurance purposes we group all of the following terminologies together including UAV, UAVS, UAS and drone.

The official definition of an RPAV:  A powered, aerial vehicle (other than a model Unmanned Aerial System) which does not have a human pilot on board, flies autonomously or is piloted remotely, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, is not classified as a guided weapon or similar one-shot device designed for the delivery of munitions.

What cover options can I include for my remotely piloted vehicle insurance?

Public liability including war risks

DRONE GUARD provide four limits of liability starting at €1.3m going to €2.6m, €6.5m and finally €13m.  If you require higher limits we can look at providing a quote when referred to us.

By law you a required to have public liability insurance to operate your remote vehicle.

Public Liability is a compulsory requirement for you to meet EU regulation 785/2004.

Damage, Loss & Theft for Aerial Vehicles

Our damage, loss and theft insurance can provide you with the peace of mind in case of a crash or if someone steals your remote aerial vehicle.

Some remotely piloted aerial vehicle systems cost a lot to replace so we offer you the right cover at competitive rates for your peace of mind.

All payloads and equipment can be included within this section and can be added on to any liability policy.

Does your policy cover anything else?

Reasonable hire charges

Ever had a crash and been unable to finish a job.  Whilst your RPAV is being repaired we will reimburse you for any hire charges to help you finish a job

Data reinstatement

Lost any data in a crash?  Get insured and be covered to help reinstate any lost data due to a crash whilst your RPAV is under repair

Trespass cover

Our insurance policy includes reasonable trespass costs if you damage any property whilst retrieving your RPAV

Ready to apply for your SOP and need RPAV Insurance?

Great, you can get a quote here and select and choose the exact cover you need when applying for your SOP.  Not sure what insurance is best for your remote aerial vehicle then give us a call.

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