Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Insurance

Are you looking for Insurance for your remotely piloted aircraft system?  At DRONE GUARD we specialise in insurance for remotely piloted aircraft operators.

You may use your RPAS for photography, surveillance or surveying, whatever the use we can provide you with an insurance policy with a competitive premium so you have peace of mind and can get on and do the work without worrying about the risks you face.

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Do I need to insure my remotely piloted aircraft system?

Ultimately yes.  When using any remotely piloted aircraft in a commercial sense you will need the correct cover in place.  Third party liability is a compulsory cover which you need to have in order to operate within the law and to meet the EU regulation (EC)785/2004.

Additionally with the cost of remotely piloted systems you also should consider damage to your aircraft.  We can provide you quotes to include cover for accidental damage, accidental loss and theft.

What is a remotely piloted aircraft system?

RPAS is a remotely piloted aircraft system.  This is any aircraft which is flown by a remote control or radio signalled ground station.  You may have come across various alternative names including unmanned aircraft vehicle, small unmanned aircraft or the most recent and commonly adopted name ‘drone’.

What cover options can I include for my remotely piloted aircraft system?

Public liability including war risks

By law you a required to have public liability insurance to operate your remote aircraft.  This should extend to include war and allied perils to meet the EU regulation (EC) 785/2004.

Limits of liability we offer start from our lowest option of €1.3m and increase up to €13m.  Need more?  Don’t worry these are only our online limits and we are able to offer a higher liability on referral.

Damage, loss & theft

What would you do if your remotely piloted aircraft crashed mid-flight or if someone stole all your equipment and systems?  Our damage, loss and theft extension can provide you with the peace of mind so you can carry on with your operations with minimal disruption.

All the payloads and equipment can be added on to the same policy.

Examples of claims for remotely piloted aircraft systems

Claim 1

A pilot made a misjudgement on a flight course and the RPAS ended up colliding with a tree causing the need for a full replacement – Total claim value €9,600

Claim 2

Whilst doing an inspection for a solar farm the RPAS lost power and fell out of the sky causing damage to the RPAS and some solar panels which needed replacing

Ready to apply for your SOP and need some insurance for your remotely piloted aerial system?

Great, you can get a quote here and select and choose the exact cover you need when applying for your SOP.  No sure what RPAS insurance is best for you then give us a call.

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