Drone Insurance Repairs

What is Drone Repair Insurance?

Our drone insurance policy will cover for the cost of repairing your drone if it is in an accident and is damaged.  The cost of repair will include replacement parts and repair fees and other related costs less the policy excess.

We have a list of drone repair centres that we work with that are authorised centres to do repairs.  Perhaps you wish to get the repairs done at repair centre of your choice, you can do this too.

Drones are made up of several parts and more often than not only the damaged part will need to be replaced rather than replace with a whole new drone.

If one or more components of the drone are damaged as a result of a crash these are easily replaceable and the cost of repairing the drone back to its original state is often more economical than replacing the drone outright.

It is likely the drone repairer will have the parts already in stock and if not parts are readily available thus repairs can be completed quickly.  After repair drone will be fully flight tested before it is returned to the owner.

What Happens if I Crash my Drone?

Contact your insurance company immediately and also take photographs of the damaged drone so you have a record for you and the insurance company.  The drone should be securely packaged, preferable in the manufacturers packaging or a travel case and sent to the drone repair centre, we can help you organise this.  It is advisable to send the drone using a reliable deliver company and also use and insured and signed for service.  Always check with the centre whether they require the complete kit.

The drone repair centre will always quote for the cost of replacement parts and the total cost of the repairs.  Engineers should be able to provide a quote once the damage has been examined.  If the drone is repairable, the drone repair company will only commence repairs once instructed by the insurance company.


The purpose of a drone insurance repair section on your policy is to quickly repair and get the drone back to you as quickly as possible.  If the drone damaged is your only drone you may need to hire equipment to complete work whilst your drone is being repaired.  Insurers may pay for the cost of hired in equipment whilst your drone is being repaired.

Having a drone repair insurance policy in place provides security and peace of mind knowing you are covered if the worst happens.

Our policy also has some other additional benefits to go along with the repair section.  These include

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