Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Insurance

DRONE GUARD are a specialist provider of insurance for small unmanned aircraft.  We understand the risks involved in operating your SUA for commercial reasons.

As the use of small unmanned aircraft increases the risks are going to become bigger and wider.

We can offer you quick quotes using our online quote and buy system or you can call us for a bespoke service.

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Do I need insurance for small unmanned aircraft?

Public Liability Insurance is a legal requirement when operating your small unmanned aircraft for commercial gain.

As well as the legal requirement you may want to consider insurance for damage, loss and theft in case of any unforeseen crashes you may incur.

This will stop your business being in any financial difficulty if you were unable to afford a replacement.

What types of small unmanned aircraft do you insure?

DRONE GUARD can insure a wide range of SUA from multi-rotors used for aerial photography to fixed-wing small unmanned aircraft used for surveying.

With the wide uses of small unmanned aircraft increasing for the beneficial use of many industries you can never be too sure when a claim might happen.

With an insurance policy from us you can have the peace of mind you are fully covered not matter what type of SUA you are flying or whatever reason you are flying it for.

What policy options do you offer for small unmanned aircraft insurance?

Public Liability for small unmanned aircraft

Public liability is a compulsory insurance for commercial operations of SUAs.  We can offer you different cover options for your liability insurance.

There are four options which are €1.3m, €2.6m, €6.5m and €13m.  If you require a higher limit we are able to provide higher limits if you call us.

All our commercial policies are complaint with regulation (EC) 785/2004.

Loss, damage and theft

Our policy can insure you for any accidental loss or theft for your small unmanned aircraft.

It is a fully comprehensive insurance and includes any in flight damage or complete loss if your SUA unexpectedly flies away.

Our online quote system is capable of quoting SUA values of €39,000 per aircraft.

Trespass insurance

If you need to recover your SUA after a crash and it has ended up on someone’s property we will cover you for any accidental damage caused to things including crops

Reasonable hire charges

We provide cover for you to hire in equipment whilst your UAV is being repaired

Reinstatement of data

Lost any data in a crash?  Get insured and be covered to help reinstate any lost data due to a crash whilst your SUA is under repair

Ready to apply or renew your SOP?

Good stuff.  You can get a quote using our online system and tailor your small unmanned aircraft insurance to your exact needs.

If you’re not sure what you need please give us a call.

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