Drone Insurance Specialists

Here at DRONEGUARD all we know is insurance for the unmanned aerial vehicle industry, it’s what we specialise in.

If you are struggling to get cover for your drone, or feel you have simply been quoted too much, then please contact us for your insurance – our staff are all specialist insurance experts with a keen interest in the drone industry who fly regularly.  If you need insurance for your drone business we will look to accommodate any type of risk.

Drone insurance isn’t always as easy as buying from our state of the art online quote and buy system so for some drone operators with more complicated risks we are happy to chat through the different options with you and find a perfect policy to suit your needs.

Our specialist drone insurance policies

We can provide you quotes for you commercial drone business, we currently offer the following policies

Flight Test Insurance

Our flight test insurance policy was created to save you money when completing your flying exam during your qualification from any NQE to obtain your PfCO.

Prices start from just €30.50 and can be bought online instantly in less than 5 minutes.  All your documents will be sent as soon as the payment is made so you can get on and complete your course.


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Annual commercial policies

Public liability is a mandatory requirement when flying commercially and our specialist drone policy can be customised to create the perfect solution for you.

Liability only policies start from around €230 per annum and you can look at adding on additional coverage such as drone hull insurance and equipment cover.  All our policies meet EU regulation (EC)785/2004.


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Do I need a specialist drone insurance policy?

Public liability insurance is compulsory for commercial drone pilots but are you being fully compliant and do you have the right cover in place?

As our policies have been engineered specifically with unmanned systems in mind all our insurance covers meet all the regulations you need to meet giving you peace of mind.

Originally when the requirement for insurance became a compulsory class the insurance industry had to react – this was done by using an aviation wording and changing the word plane to drone.  The was a good short-term solution but when you read through the wordings there was a lot of stuff which wasn’t applicable and didn’t even make sense to the unmanned industry.

With our specialists drone insurance policies you know that you have a product that suits your needs and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Why choose DRONEGUARD?

For those of you looking for specialist drone insurance or have an unusual circumstance and are looking for something more unique, DRONEGUARD is the insurance company for you.  There are many factors that define specialist drone insurance and we are happy to look at any risk. Also, if you are struggling to get insurance on a specialist custom UAV then please do call us.

DRONEGUARD was originally founded in 2016 in Great Britain and has since provided our specialist drone insurance policies to the industry. During this time, we have built many special relationships with leading insurance underwriters and have created specialist drone insurance schemes not offered by anyone else.  These allow us to give you competitive policies offering comprehensive cover.

To get a quote call us on +353 (0)1 556 3644 or click here to obtain an immediate online quote .

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