Multirotor Drone Insurance

When you own a drone business or pilot a drone commercially, a multirotor drone is a logical choice.  Perfect for application in commercial operations, multirotor drones are a popular choice due to their ease of construction and manoeuvrability.  They provide smooth transitions, making them a good choice for all types of industries to use and capture what is needed.  Multirotor drones are available in a wide range of sizes and can be used for small applications, as well as projects involving cinematography cameras that can lift up to 25KG.

Whatever the application of your multirotor drone - be it aerial photography, aerial surveillance, agriculture or tactical awareness - it will require an insurance policy that is comprehensive, reliable, and gives maximum coverage for most eventualities.  DRONEGUARD offers you a special multirotor drone insurance policy - the perfect cover to give you the confidence to keep your multirotor drone up in the air where it belongs.


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Types of multirotor we insure



  • Y3 configuration
  • Y6 configuation

Quadcopter Insurance

  • Quad +
  • Quad X
  • X8


  • Hexa +
  • Hexa X


  • Octa +
  • Octa X

Make the right choice for your business

A DRONEGUARD multirotor drone insurance policy is specifically for commercial drones and can also provide additional cover for fully qualified pilots on your team.  Having the right insurance cover for your multirotor drone will help take your drone business to the next level. Multirotor drones are designed to fly in special circumstances and are often used for purposes ranging from agriculture to traffic monitoring, aerial surveillance and more.

A standard DRONEGUARD multirotor drone insurance policy covers your drone liability insurance as standard.  We can also provide coverage for crash damage and other drone related issues.  Speak to us to get free advice on what cover will best suit your drone business.  Do you want to find out what it costs to insure your multirotor drone?  Then call us on 01 556 3644.

Because accidents do happen

Due to their stability in the air and the wide range of applications for which they are first choice, multirotor drones are often used commercially in both lightweight application and heavy-duty projects.  Your drone business needs all the support it can get.  When accidents happen, they can make or break your business.  With a DRONEGUARD policy in place for your multirotor drone we will help get back in the air as soon as possible.

The insurance cover to keep your multirotor drone soaring

Multirotor drones are a special kind of drone that use fixed-pitch propellers. Control of a multirotor vehicle is achieved by varying the speeds of each individual motor.  Due to their load capacity and stability in the air, they are often chosen for drone operations that require stability, such as aerial photography and surveillance.

Comprehensive multirotor drone cover is provided by DRONEGUARD Insurance, so that your drone business continues as normal, whatever happens.  Get full coverage for your multirotor drone today,
call DRONEGUARD on 01 556 3644 to chat with an industry expert or get a complete no pressure insurance policy quote when you fill in our online quote.

Why choose Drone Guard?

  • Drone Guard will provide free, no obligation multirotor drone insurance advice and quote for both single and multiple drones.
  • Whether you are contacting us for a quote or claim, expect professional advice on how to get the most comprehensive insurance for your multirotor drone.
  • We know that insurance policy jargon can be confusing, so we will explain our policy comprehensively if you need us to.
  • We can provide cover for commercial drones and pilots worldwide, whether in transit or actual flight (there are some exceptions to our worldwide cover, which can be found in our policy wording).
  • Choose Drone Guard, because we provide insurance cover for all types of multirotor drones, whether new or old.

Get an online quote today or call us now on +353 (0)1 556 3644 to discuss your insurance policy needs and how we can help protect your company.

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