Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Insurance

DRONE GUARD are a specialist provider of insurance to UAV operators in Ireland.  Over the last few years we have seen the increase in operators requiring UAV insurance if they are commercially operating with a SOP.

We work with specialist aviation insurers to create UAV insurance policies to meet all the requirements of commercial operators.

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What is a UAV and do I need insurance?

A UAV is an acronym for unmanned aerial vehicle.  It is also widely known as a drone, SUA, RPAS, UAS, or UAVS and is an aircraft which does not have a human pilot on board and is controlled from the ground using a controller or ground station.

If you are operating your UAV on a commercial basis then it is a legal requirement to have UAV liability insurance in place when flying.

How we can help you

Whether you have a small UAV or a heavy lift UAV we will look to provide you with a competitive quotation for your UAV insurance needs.

We are able to adapt to the industries needs quickly and efficiently to provide the right UAV insurance for your needs.

Our specially built UAV insurance quote system has been built with ease in mind so you are able to get a quote as quickly as possible.

We are able to offer online quotations for any weight class up to 25KG.

Liability option for your UAV insurance

The liability is the compulsory requirement for you to meet EU regulation 785/2004.  DRONE GUARD provide four limits at the click of a mouse from €1.3m to €13m.  If you require higher limits we can look at providing a quote when referred to us.

UAV damage insurance

You can look to add on UAV damage to your insurance policy.  This extends cover for losses including accidental damage, loss and theft.  If you have invested in expensive equipment then it is probably best to get it insured.

Payloads and ancillary equipment is also included for the same damage, loss and theft perils.

Additional UAV insurance covers

Data reinstatement and Reasonable Hire charges – We provide cover for you to hire in equipment whilst your UAV is being repaired and get back any data you have lost in a crash

Trespass cover – If you ever lost your UAV our insurance policy includes reasonable trespass costs if you damage and property whilst retrieving your UAV

We are autonomous too

As the UAVs you are flying are autonomous we are also embracing the use of technology to increase the efficiency of our processes to help deliver you the fastest quotes and UAV insurance policies using automated systems.  This helps us pass the savings we make on to you.

Ready to apply for your SOP and need UAV Insurance?

Great, you can get a quote here and select and choose the exact cover you need when applying for your SOP.  No sure what UAV insurance is best for you then give us a call.

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