Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Insurance

As a specialist provider of insurance to operators of unmanned aircraft systems we know the risks involved and the best ways to mitigate them.

Our online quote and buy system is perfect for UAS insurance and the operators using them in their business.

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How do I get insurance for my unmanned aircraft system?

There are a couple of options for you to obtain a quote for your UAS.  Firstly our state of the online system lets you create an unrivalled package to suit your exact business needs so you are paying only for what you need to cover.  No more over insuring your UAS.

You could also call our experts who are on hand to help answer any questions you have about insuring your unmanned aircraft system.

Do I need insurance for my unmanned aircraft system?

Absolutely, if you are operating a UAS commercially you will need to have public liability insurance in place for all flight missions you do.  This is a legal requirement and is a compulsory cover.

As well as the compulsory side you may also want to consider damage to any UAS or equipment you use.  We can cover you for accidental damage, loss and theft.  See a breakdown of what we can offer you below.

Liability option for your UAS Insurance

The liability is the compulsory requirement for you to meet EU regulation 785/2004.  Droneguard provide four limits at the click of a mouse from €1.3m to €13m.  If you require higher limits we can look at providing a quote when referred to us.

UAS damage insurance

You can look to add on damage to your unmanned aircraft systems.  This extends cover for losses including accidental damage, loss and theft.  If you have invested in expensive equipment then it is probably best to get it insured.

Payloads and ancillary equipment is also included for the same damage, loss and theft perils.

Additional UAS insurance covers

Data reinstatement and Reasonable Hire charges – We provide cover for you to hire in equipment whilst your UAS is being repaired and get back any data you have lost in a crash

Trespass cover – If you ever lost your UAS our insurance policy includes reasonable trespass costs if you damage property whilst retrieving your UAS

Ready to apply for your SOP and need UAS Insurance?

Great, you can get a quote here and select and choose the exact cover you need when applying for your SOP. Not sure what insurance is best for your unmanned aircraft system then give us a call.

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