Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Insurance

DRONE GUARD offer specialist insurance policies to operators of UAVS.  We predominantly focus on commercial pilots who are qualified and have gained their permissions from the IrishAviation Authority.

We understand unmanned aerial vehicle systems and can help provide the right insurance cover whether it is compulsory class or something to give you peace of mind.

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How much does insurance for unmanned aircraft vehicles cost?

The cost of the insurance depends on a few factors including the total amount of what you want to insure and the types of cover you require.

Our premiums can be very reasonable and start from a few hundred pounds.  That would be for something like liability only at the lowest limit we provide.  If you require higher liability limits and cover for theft, loss and damage then the premium for your UAVS will be more.

Why should I get insurance for my unmanned aircraft vehicle system?

When operating an unmanned aircraft for commercial reasons you will need to get a licence and permission from the IAA,

A requirement of this licence is to have the correct insurance in place which meets the EU regulation (EC) 785/2004.

Our policy will make you meet all the correct regulations so you can be left to run your business.

What cover options can I include for my unmanned vehicle system insurance?

Public liability including war risks

DRONE GUARD provide four limits of liability starting at €1.3m going to €2.6m, €6.5m and finally €13m.  If you require higher limits we can look at providing a quote when referred to us.

By law you a required to have public liability insurance to operate your UAVS.

Public Liability is a compulsory requirement for you to meet EU regulation 785/2004.

Damage, loss & theft for unmanned aircraft vehicles

Our damage, loss and theft insurance can provide you with the peace of mind in case of a crash or if someone steals your UAVS.

Some aerial vehicle systems cost a lot to replace so we offer you the right cover at competitive rates for your peace of mind.

All payloads and equipment can be included within this section and can be added on to any liability policy.

Additional coverage

Trespass cover

Our insurance policy includes reasonable trespass costs if you damage any property whilst retrieving your unmanned aircraft system

Reasonable hire charges

Ever had a crash and been unable to finish a job.  Whilst your aerial vehicle is being repaired we will reimburse you for any hire charges to help you finish a job

Data reinstatement

Lost any data in a crash?  Get insured and be covered to help reinstate any lost data due to a crash whilst your aircraft systems are under repair

Haven’t got your Specific Operating Permission yet?

Getting ready to take your unmanned aerial vehicle assessment?  We can provide you with a special Flight Assessment insurance policy which you will need when doing your exams.  Find out more about it here.

Ready to apply for your SOP and need insurance for your unmanned aircraft systems?

Great, you can get a quote here and select and choose the exact cover you need when applying for your SOP.  Not sure what insurance is best for your UAVS then give us a call.

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